Welcome to Mike's Historic Amusement Parks!

We hope our humble contribution serves as a tribute to the memory of the old parks that are no longer with us as well as those traditional parks that are still operating.

The mission of Mike's Historic Amusement Parks is to offer guests a chance to relive some memories through historical narration on the topic of Amusement Park History.

Amusement parks are a unique part of America's cultural landscape.

At one time hometown amusement parks were very common and over 2,000 were operating in the United States. With loss of industry to foreign countries and the decline of smaller hometown populations, rising insurance costs, fires, and the formation of the "Theme Park", the old hometown, often family owned amusement parks are becoming more of rarity. People are forgetting about the charming, carefully aged hometown parks in their search for the latest thrills and technology.

Sadly, fewer and fewer of these traditional amusement parks are operating today. There are a number of survivors which should not be allowed to slip away also. Support them. They're all we have left!

Mike's Historic Amusement Parks is pleased to announce that many long-overdue changes and upgrades to the site have been taking place.

Be sure to check back for updates and a new Gift Shop.

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For the first time in nine years we are now on our own domain name. Once hosted by various servers like GeoCities we have now made the complete move. Cascade Park and Conneaut Lake were the last to move from the old server and are now home! ~enjoy!


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